VERITAS - the history of a brand

The Latin word "Veritas" means "truth".



Germany's first sewing machine manufacturer, Friedrich August Clemens Müller (1828-1902) produced his first self-constructed sewing machines in Dresden starting in 1855 and gave one of them the name "VERITAS".


Brand Registration

On October 1, 1894, Friedrich August Clemens Müller registered the name "VERITAS" with the German Imperial Patent Office for his sewing machines. Clemens Müller subsequently used the brand name VERITAS until 1945.


Wittenberge’s heyday

The production of household sewing machines was moved to Wittenberge to the sewing machine factory there, which also took over the rights to the VERITAS trademark. The great demand at home and abroad required an extensive modernization of the Wittenberg plant in the years 1976 to 1980.



After German reunification, the plant was liquidated by the Treuhandanstalt on January 31, 1992. Subsequently, there were several changes of ownership of the rights to the name.


Revival by Crown Technics LTD

Since 2010, the international trademark rights have been held by the Swiss "BERNINA" Group. The 100% subsidiary Crown Technics Ltd. uses them for the Europe-wide distribution of "VERITAS".


VERITAS relaunch party on Berlin’s Alexanderplatz

The old-for-new event took place in the AlexOase on Berlin’s Alexanderplatz in 2016.


new combo-machine

The combined embroidery and sewing machine VERITAS Florence sets another milestone in the brand history and continues the tradition of innovation.


Foundation of Crown Technics Austria GmbH

Crown Technics Austria GmbH was founded in October 2019 and since then, based in Vienna, has been responsible for sales in numerous European countries. The company continues values of the brands AISIN and TOYOTA.


Strong - Stronger - Power Stitch

With "Power Stitch 17" and "Power Stitch Pro", we have launched worthy successors to the Toyota Power Fabric. They convince with strong power transmission through a double belt system.